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Installation of cash registers, POS systems, tablets, beverage control systems and sales recording modules (SRMs) in Montreal and throughout Quebec.


Complete solutions including training and 24/7 support

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Complete solutions including training and 24/7 support

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Choose from our wide range of products designed to suit your needs.

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5 reasons to choose Nakial Tech.

  • Service
  • Technical support
  • Price
  • Expertise
  • The team

Full service included! We always work on the basis that you already have enough to deal with, without us adding to your problems. That’s why we give you peace of mind regarding your point of sale (POS) and SRM systems.

Our technical support team is always there to help you resolve any issue, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We offer the best price/performance ratio by far. With complete solutions like ours, you can’t go wrong.

There’s no substitute for eight years of experience! We have driven the progress of the point of sale sector in Quebec during the time we’ve been in business – and we’re still here, continually seeking out new technologies.

From sales through technical support and installation, we are a young, dynamic team that is fully up to speed with the technology. Our skills have been honed over time and we work as a smooth, efficient operation.

“I have never seen such amazing details and such perfect code in my entire life.”

Mrs. Jane Smith

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“There is nothing which i could comment about the awesomeness of this unique theme.”

Tom & Jerry

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